Graduates and Former Students ...

Over our 32 year history, Lehigh Valley Christian High School awarded over 800 high school diplomas.  We also had over 600 students enroll in our school for at least one quarter, thus generating a grade report.

Every former student, whether a graduate or attendee has an academic record on file.  There are numerous reasons why former students have a need to obtain an official academic transcript.  It is not unusual to receive requests from former students going all the way back to the 1988-89 school year (our first year of operation).  We receive requests from both our traditional American students in addition to many of our former international students.

We are in the process of uploading over 1,500 academic records to a company that many schools rely upon to provide permanent access to academic records.  This process will be completed sometime in the fall of 2020.

Once all the records are uploaded and ready for access, we will update this page with ordering information.  If you have a need to obtain an academic transcript before this page is updated, please email: and we will provide assistance.