Welcome to Lehigh Valley Christian High School

In April 2020, we announced the permanent closure of Lehigh Valley Christian High School to take effect following our 32nd commencement on June 5th. 

We are now closed.

Our school served the greater Lehigh Valley community for 32 academic years (1988-2020).  We were the only stand alone Christian secondary school east of the Mississippi having ended the 2019-20 school year with only 21 students, 10 of whom received diploma's.  We ended the year with an underclass of 1 junior, 2 sophomores and the remaining freshman.  

We realized our low enrollment was not sustainable.  Students have more educational choices consisting of public schools, parochial and other private secular schools, charter schools, publicly funded on-line schools and a growing home school interest.  We also were confronted with the undeniable reality of the negative effects from the Pandemic of 2020.

On a bright note, we were thrilled to learn that two of our founding elementary schools (Bethlehem Christian School & Lehigh Christian Academy) will now be operating a full k-12 program beginning this September.  

As our Board Chairman eloquently stated in our closing announcement, "LVCHS was founded in 1988 to provide a high school option for Lehigh Christian Academy and Bethlehem Christian School. Now the tables have turned, and both of these schools have a full K-12 program. Our mission is complete, and their mission continues and extends. We hope that our current students consider BCS or LCA as a logical continuation of their high school education."

We encourage you to visit these Christ-centered programs in the Lehigh Valley:


                                        Northampton County:      Bethlehem Christian School, Bethlehem Pennsylvania

                                        Lehigh County:                   Lehigh Christian Academy, Allentown, Pennsylvania