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Did you know?

Did you know that private school students boost national SAT scores?

The headlines in early October captured some of the story: "2014 SAT Scores Remain Stagnant," "Student Performance Stalls on SAT." They reflected what the College Board itself reported: SAT scores for the 2014 crop of high school graduates were stubbornly stuck at levels "similar to other recent senior classes."

But the fixation on stagnation largely ignored another significant element of the story: scores varied significantly by the type of school students attended. It turns out that students who graduated from religious schools (like LVCHS) had scores that significantly outdistanced those of students in public schools and actually helped lift the national average.

Mean SAT scores for public school seniors were 492 in reading, 478 in writing, and 501 in math. Meanwhile, students in religious schools scored 533, 527, and 537 respectively.

Did you know these stats? Did you know that your students are a part of a program that will not only help them to think Biblically and function purposefully, but also prepares them academically?

Find out more about how private school students did on the SATs in the November issue of CAPE Outlook here.